Healthcare Bill: Nothing This Corrupt Has Been Done In US History

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

The main problem with the Healthcare Bill is that most people do not know what is in the legislation. In fact, Nancy Pelosi recently said that the people will find out its exact provisions, once it is passed. This in itself smacks of corruption. President Obama said the same thing in a recent Fox interview.

Healthcare Bill Is A Leap Of Faith

Anyone supporting this bill must have great faith in their representatives in Washington, D.C. which is faith put into failing institutions. President Obama said the people will have 72 hours to study the bill before it passes. It has pages numbering in the thousands. How many readers finish a simple novel in 72 hours, let alone a complex bill? As things stand now, it will pass by the procedure known as “deem and pass.” One would think a real vote on the measure would take place, if the bill indeed has widespread support.

Deem And Pass

Deem and pass means that the House will vote on minor changes but not directly on the Senate bill. Many House members would not vote directly for the Senate bill, and that is why deem and pass is the order of the day. The House members vote for changes in the Senate bill. In reality this makes the bill different from the Senate and truthfully must be sent back to the Senate for them to vote on the changes. This would never pass the Senate, therefore, the deem and pass procedure is necessary.

In our history, rarely has such a bill been pushed through this way because the people do not want the measure enacted. Hopefully, when the Republicans return to power, this bill will be relegated to the dustbin of history. At any rate, only the taxes begin early. The bills main provisions will not take effect for some time.

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    As far as your main problem is concerned…I would like you to honestly answer this…when have you now or ever known what is the legislation of any bill…seriously.

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