Healthcare: Has Obama Sold Out Country Over Deal With Big Pharma?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

There is so much blame to go around for the Democratic Party’s waffling over the issue of the public option. The questions can be hurled in so many directions. Why won’t Senate Majority Leader Reid just try to push forward the best bill he possibly can with just fifty votes through the reconciliation process? Is Nancy Pelosi afraid a bill with a strong public cannot make it through her supposedly strong Democratic majority. You have the Blue Dogs fighting with the Progressive Caucus on the Democratic side as they both claim to want to get the best possible care for their constituents along with the fact that they want to protect the taxpayer in the process. The deeper question is why was that Stupak amendment, which was so abhorent to the majority of the Democratic caucus allowed to pass.

Internal Democratic Fight

Then there is the U.S Senate. Benjamin Nelson of Nebraska appears to have held the bill hostage as Democrats beg for his vote and attempt to make further concessions. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York even had to offend some of his gun control and animal rights activists which he represents by going pheasant hunting with Nelson as they brokered a deal.

Did Obama Sell Out

With all these important questions coming to the forefront, the man who has kind of taken a back seat in this whole affair is President Barack Obama. Why won’t he demand a strong public option from his caucus? It was funny how single payer health care was automatically off the table? You could sense that Obama had possibly sold out the country already in favor of big pharma. The Kucinich-Conyers-Dingell legislation was automatically taken off the table because it called for Medicare for all. Has big pharma infiltrated the Obama Administration? Instead of Medicare for all or a strong public option we may be left with Olympia Snowe and her triggers.

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