Healthcare Reform: Political Suicide For Dems To Ram Obama’s Demands?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

When President Obama was candidate Obama one of his biggest campaign promises was that he would bring affordable, universal health care for every man, woman, and child who needed or wanted it. When he took office, he and the Democrats pushed hard for that health care to become law, fighting off filibusters, and motions by Republicans aimed at stopping the health care reform dead in its tracks.

With the loss of their super majority with the election of Scott Brown, the Democrats have been weighing whether or not they should proceed with the reform by bashing it through congress. At this point attempting to push a reform no one agrees is actually a fix seems to be political suicide for Obama and the Dems.

Is This Real Reform

The bill the Democrats were able to push through the House of Representatives by the slimmest of margins was at least armed with a public option. Once that legislation got to the Senate it became a shadow of its former self. There was also the little problem of the earmarks and pork barrel deals that were made with certain conservative Democrats in order to get their promise that they would vote for cloture when the Republicans attempted to block its passage. The watered down package eventually did pass, but most liberal organizations claimed that the product was not what they were hoping for. Now it appears there are roadblocks to combining the two bills and passing the final and definitive bill.

Unpopular Legislation

Scott Brown’s election was supposed to be a signal to Washington that what was being done with the health care legislation was not what they wanted. A new poll now shows that just 38 percent of Americans actually want the reform bill that the Senate crafted. If the Democrats continue forward with their current agenda, more Scott Brown-like elections will rock the political world come November.

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