How Can I Save On Health Insurance As A Young Person?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

Generally when young adults turn 18 or 19 or in some states graduate from college they are dropped from their parents health insurance. Today 1/3 of the states are requiring health insurance companies to cover dependent young adults on their parents health insurance policy. Some as late to mid twenties or up to thirty. If the young adults do not have jobs or do have jobs but do not have health insurance these new rules will help cover them. They must live in the same states as their parents and be unmarried.

Options For Young Adults

For young adults with health problems this could be an attractive option. They would, no doubt, run into problems qualifying on their own. Healthy young adults would be better off declining this deal. Healthy young adults today can own health insurance for less than $100 a month in many states. Parents should see the advantage here if Johnny can gets his health insurance on his own for $100 and the parents are paying $200 to stay on their health insurance, it would be to the parents advantage to drop him off of theirs.

The parents’ rates would probably drop if you could switch to insurance rates for a couple. To keep young adults on your policy most insurers will not charge extra. You would still have to check if Johnny could get it cheaper on his own. The best deal would be if you have other children on your policy you could be able to insure older young adults for no charge. Only if your health insurance company does not base cost on the number of children.

For more information see the National Conference of State Legislatures’ website. Also please be aware that these rules and regulations do not apply to employers who have their own health insurance.

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