How Do I Buy College Or Student Health Insurance?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Considering Student/College Health Insurance

College students who do not have health insurance coverage through their parent’s health insurance policy/company, or who have limited coverage due to limited network service areas are eligible to buy student health insurance. In most cases, student plans are offered by an insurer that has partnered with a college/university to offer coverage to the students.  These plans have limited benefits and exclusions than that of traditional health insurance policies.

For the college student, individual health insurance policies differ, so the student or their parent should make sure to check with the health insurer about how the insurance policy defines full-time students and the maximum age(s) of coverage. Most insurance companies consider a student who takes at least 12 credit hours per semester  to be  full-time. One thing to remember, those college students who marry will lose their status as being a  dependent under a parents’ policy regardless of age and/or status as a full-time student.

Be Smart About Your Options For Student Heath Care Insurance

It is very important to understand the difference between how college students not living with their parent(s) can obtain coverage through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). If a student is insured under an HMO, they may be outside the HMO service area of doctors and hospitals while they are away at school. If this is the case, the student will likely have health insurance coverage for emergency care only. They may have to travel to a doctor and hospital that is within the HMO service area for other care. Also, the student insured  may have to  pay benefits at out-of-network levels for those who are outside the network. Check your plan provisions or speak with your insurer to know the level of benefits provided when a student is away at school and outside the service area.

For students searching for health insurance plans, there are many options available. The student should check with the specific college admissions office to obtain information on those insurance companies who offer this type of coverage. Another option the student has to consider is to gain the support of their parent and ask questions and request information with the current health insurance provider.

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