How Do Young People Find Low Cost Health Insurance?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

The largest group of unisured people are young adults. They often feel invulnerable, or believe it is not something that they should be anxious about until they start a family of their own. They may find themselves borrowing friends or families’ leftover prescription medication, setting broken bones themselves, or worse, having a severe illness and being unaware. Most young people do not have dependents, so they feel they do not need insurance.
When an emergency strikes, they are left with the significent hospital bills to pay for. When this happens, a young person is usually working at a minimum wage job, going to college, and possibly living on their own for the first time. Then they are left with the choice, “Should I pay my bills, or pay for health insurance?” For them, the choice is easily to pay bills.

Research Your Options

The internet is a vast resource to research affordable health care. Most health insurance plans start at $30 monthly, usually without vision or dental. Discount plans are available, a person could pay %50 of the complete perscription or exam. By law, all prices are fixed. Many young people are unaware that four year colleges or universities offer student health insurance plans. Some states, for example; New York, are changing their laws where a young adult can be a dependent on their parents health insurance plan until the age of 29.

Another option a young adult might try is their state assistance health insurance. These plans often offer free health care, free perscription drugs, and no co-pay. There is usually a wait for this, many forms to fill out, and you do have to be eligible to receive aid.

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