Many Christians Want Healthcare Reform (And You) To Die!

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

From Catholic cathedrals to Evangelical mega-churches, all are pounding the pulpit to kill any chance of health care reform in America because of two issues – abortion and illegal immigrants. Individual Christians and Christian organizations are urging their members to protest the health care reform in any way possible.

Recent Comments

In recent months:

• James Dobson, leader of Focus on the Family and loud critic of President Obama, claims that by leaving abortion in health care reform is the first step in removing religious freedom from Americans.
• calls the current health care reform bill “an abortion bill.”
• The Minnesota Family Council calls healthcare reform “against God’s plan.”
• Pennsylvania Junior Senator Bob Casey, Jr. – both a Democrat and a Catholic – has been repeatedly threatened with being refused Communion by Bishop Joseph Martino.

There are no comments on other aspects of the current draft of the health care bill. Where is the outrage over dropping the proposed tax on cosmetic surgeons? That breaks the tenth commandment. Now, patients that indulge in coveting “thy neighbor’s ass” can both covet it and get it as well.

“Life is sacred,” is the constant refrain for protesting abortion. Fetuses are held to be more deserving of life than people who had the misfortune to already be born. The argument is that abortion falls under the sixth commandment “thou shalt not kill.” Apparently the sixth commandment is worthy of attention, but not the tenth.

A recent study reports that about 45,000 Americans die each year because they lack medical care. (“Health Insurance and Mortality in US Adults” Andrew P. Wilper, et al; American Journal of Public Health, Sept. 17, 2009.) This comes to about one death every 12 seconds. While you have been reading this article, someone in America died because he or she was too poor to get medications or hospitalization.

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