Mayo Clinic In Scottsdale, AZ No Longer Accepting Medicare Patients?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

The recent announcement by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona has clarified their Medicare policy. They have stated that it will still see Medicare patients however a five-physician Mayo Clinic in Glendale has opted out of Medicare. What this means is that Medicare patients will now be required to pay out of pocket for office visits.

This is part of the clinic’s time-limited trial that will be later be reviewed. It should be noted that other Mayo Clinics are not involved in the trial. They will continue to see Medicare patients as usual. The Mayo Clinic is exploring several other options to deal with the shortfall between what Medicare pays and what providing services to Medicare patients actually costs.

Why is this happening?

This trial is undertaken because the Mayo Clinic loses a great deal of money every year because of the reimbursement schedule under Medicare. There is a discrepancy between what Medicare pays the Mayo Clinic and their cost in providing primary care for Medicare patients.

The Mayo Clinic is one of the largest medical groups serving Medicare patients. However after decades of underfunding, it has decided that it must find ways to stem the tide of financial losses.

What services are affected by the change?

The change will only effect primary care office visits to the five physicians at the Glendale clinic. Specialty care, laboratory services, imaging studies and ancillary services will still be covered by Medicare. Clinic patients will continue to receive primary care as before. The difference is that they will have to pay for the visits themselves.

Mayo Clinics in Arizona are a choice of many Medicare patients because they are equipped to deal with the multiple and complex health problems of the elderly. However, it cannot continue to lose money while serving them.

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