Members of Democrat Party Profiting from Attacks that Republicans Make?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

The health care reform bill has endured a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle. Many Democrats are raising a lot of money in re-election campaign funds because Republicans are constantly attacking the health care reform bill in print and on the news. Health care is a very serious issue in the United States of America. Changing the health care system would vastly improve the quality of health care that is being offered in the U.S. Many people are denied health care coverage due to pre-existing conditions or cannot afford health care coverage at all.

Millions of people currently have no health insurance coverage. This is a shocking thing considering many countries such as Canada and the UK have universal health care coverage. The United States does not offer this coverage and just the mention of a public option causes many Republicans to say that the country is becoming a socialist nation.

All of the Republican senators voted no on the health care reform vote that was a few weeks ago. The Democrats were able to put together sixty votes to avoid a filibuster. This gave many supporters of health care reform something to smile about.

Democrats and some independents have been donating a lot of money to re-elect those politicians in the Senate and House of Representatives that voted yes on the health care reform bill. President Barack Obama is pushing hard for the bill to be passed as soon as possible.

In the United States, health care reform would be similar to expand Medicare coverage to those who are currently uninsured. Many people in the United States are very happy with their Medicare coverage and do not want their medical benefits taken away. Yet, these same people do not want a government run public option even though it would save millions of dollars and lives.

Republican Tactics Are Only Hurting GOP Efforts

As we can see, Republican tactics of riling people up and trying to filibuster the health care reform bill have only hurt the GOP. They are now the party of no and Democrats in the Senate and House are raising millions of dollars due to their attack ads and stall tactics. 2010 will be a banner year because we will finally see if health care reform will finally be passed in the United States of America, stay tuned and see what happens.

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  1. mark phillips says:

    Wow! It is amazing how absolutely wrong you are. The Republicans tactics hurting them? Let’s ask the voters on Mass. or how about asking them in Virginia or CT. You have been proven wrong at every turn. You point to Canada and the UK as bastions of a perfect health care system we should strive to be like. Why don’t you ask the residents of those countries how they feel about their universal options. The very fact you are willing to sign away all of our freedoms in order to line your own pockets makes everything you say suspect.

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