Obama Healthcare Summit Political Hot Potatoes For All Involved?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

President Obama has invited Republican lawmakers to a televised, half-day work session on healthcare reform. Republicans are wary, seeing it as political point-making, while even Democrats look at askance at the move.

Democrats Object

Many Democrats aren’t enthusiastic about the summit. House Democrats already oppose the Senate version of the bill, saying it gives too many concessions to Republicans. When Republicans asked if Obama was willing to start healthcare reform from scratch, many Democrats called it proof that Republicans only want to destroy real reform. The far-left even wants the President to forego bipartisanship and instead pass the healthcare bill using controversial Congressional rules that would require a simple majority. But doing so would strengthen Republicans who have called this Obama’s attempt to ram healthcare through, despite what the people want. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans oppose the healthcare legislation, but want lawmakers to keep trying.

Republicans Wary

Republicans find it hypocritical for Obama to request a summit after Democrats have blamed them for the logjam. Representative Tom Price, Georgia Republican and a doctor, posted an op-ed piece deriding the President’s empty political theater. He noted that his committee asked to meet with the administration on healthcare virtually every week of 2009; their overtures were universally rebuffed. Republicans see this summit as simply a political tactic to appear bipartisan without actually being bipartisan. At the same time, if they refuse to attend, it bolsters Democrats’ claim that they’re being obstructionist. Yet if they attend and Obama incorporates Republican suggestions – which include medical malpractice reform and the interstate sale of health insurance – they could face voting for a bill that includes their proposals alongside Democratic provisions they strongly oppose.

All this occurs amidst populist anger at both parties and the approach of mid-term elections. New polls show anti-incumbent sentiment as high as in 1994 and 2006, elections which saw power switch from one party to the other. That has everyone scared.

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