Pelosi-Reid Backroom Healthcare Reform: Shoved Down America’s Throat?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

An event of major importance to all of us has just occurred, far from the bright lights and fanfare that normally accompany such occurrences, the Democratic leaders of the House and Senate having treated Americans to a performance that can only be described as “Pelosi-Reid Backroom Healthcare Reform: Shove It down America’s Throat”. The sole certainty that we can have, at this moment, of the impact of the legislation produced though such a clandestine cabal is that it will redefine the landscape of health insurance as we know it. There is yet a final step in the Pelosi-Reid Shuffle: reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the legislation into a final bill for ratification. From all indications, the same leaders who have so far brought us cloakroom deals may well try to bypass the normal, public process to bring us the product of shadow negotiations and secret handshakes.

Overtaken by Health Insurance Changes

If you feel the need to be heard in this momentous debate, contact your Senator, your Representative, and tell them that you oppose any move to bypass open legislation for backroom deals and rules-based sleight-of-hand. Insist the the voice of the American people be heard. However, there can be no doubt, any longer, that a major overhaul of the American health insurance industry is upon us. What will this mean to the new purchaser of insurance, with no history to speak of? What will it mean to the established customer, to the employer trying to choose plans, to the job-hopper, to the unemployed? Ultimately, it will fall to the market to clarify these issues as insurance companies tailor their offerings to the new laws, competing to distinguish themselves within the sort of standardized playing field envisioned by the proposed legislation. With the new variety, smart shopping will be more important than ever.

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