Pelosi-Reid-Obama Backroom Healthcare Dance Stunned By Brown’s Win

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Imagine the conversation among President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid the morning after Scott Brown was elected, to fill the seat of Edward Kennedy, in Massachusetts. The President has made healthcare reform the center of his administration. It has been a battle since the day he took office. It seemed as though he had the votes to push the bill through Congress – that is, until he lost one of the votes that could be the key to insure America with healthcare for all citizens.

So What Might The Three Key Politicians Have Discussed Following The Election In Massachusetts?

Scott Brown, a Republican, won an uphill race against Democratic contender Martha Coakley, the state Attorney General. Just weeks before election day Coakley was a safe-bet to win the election. Democrats have held the seat since the early 1970′s. Just days before the election the polls started turning from a lead for Coakley and pushing Brown to the lead.

The win might give Brown the vote against the healthcare reform bill. His victory took the needed 60th Senate vote needed to pass the legislation. Pelosi, who has led the battle to win the healthcare legislation, along with Reid, who rallied behind the President obviously felt the shock of this loss. Not only might it be a loss for healthcare it might also be a signal to what might happen in the next election. Democrats have a lot to lose; Republicans have a lot to win.

The top three politicians will need to create a new strategy. They will definitely need to re-think the healthcare legislation. Then, biting the bullet, they will need to meet with top Republican politicians to try to hammer out legislation they both can accept – otherwise, healthcare reform will be waiting in the wings.

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