Public Healthcare Option: Going, Going, Gone!

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

When President Obama was campaigning for the job he had some pretty radical ideas about health care reform but government bureaucracy has effectively squashed most of them since his election. SO, what sort of watered down version are we getting? Did the spineless Democrats go soft on the whole idea to appease the raging Republicans? No one knows for sure.

What’s Left

The government has moved away from a complete public option in an attempt to compromise. Unfortunately, this compromise is a loss for the American people and a win for big insurance companies. So who is really making the decisions; those in favor of real reform or the lobbyist protecting big business interests? The government has always operated, not for the American people as a whole, but for the interests of those with the most money.

The shell of a public option on the table is nothing short of a baby Medicare. The last thing the American people need is another money eating program like Medicare. The current health care reform version would not do anything to quell the competitiveness in health care and it would leave many Americans still at the mercy of big insurance companies.

Is There Hope

If history has taught us anything it is that there is always hope for real change. What sort of change we could be facing is a mystery. It may take Obama’s entire term to find a solution and then if he’s not re-elected then we have to face the whole thing over again with a new president. The current public option plan would protect insurance companies interests and not eat into their profits but it will not offer those without health insurance a viable option. It will work just like another insurance program, those who can afford to purchase it will and those who can’t will have to go without insurance. Then we will be left right where we started with no real solution and more debt.

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