Put The Extra 1.9T Into Unemployment Jobs For The Healthcare Industry?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

If federal revenues must be spent to shore up a jobless economy, it makes perfect sense to connect the dots from unemployment to the healthcare industry. However, there are certain criteria that can’t be ignored with regard to creating jobs in the healthcare industry. That would be specificity of jobs that will be created. One may imagine that with the shortage of medical physicians and those in the speciality medical fields this would be the first target for job creation.

In actuality, the US education and training for medical degrees and licensing is far more strict than in other countries of the world. This may be a problem from the standpoint of timeliness as well as cost-effectiveness. Even in terms of less professional positions within the healthcare industry, there is still a need for training. Training requires time and money. Not all individuals are suited to working in medical billing, administrative, medical transcription or wish to work in hospital environments.

Connect The Dots To The Healthcare Industry To Solve Growing Unemployment

If the extra 1.9T is put into unemployment jobs for the healthcare, it should be done in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible to infuse the US with more highly trained healthcare professionals. This would reduce the need for the number of foreign medical professionals presently hired by the healthcare industry. In addition, a program of on-the-job training could begin as early as high school in co-op programs that develop healthcare interns who are ready to be on the job after graduation with advancement of their educations to more professional areas of the medical fields as part of the program.

The 1.9T in revenue needs to spent wisely with a long-term forecast of productivity and success if it is to alleviate the growing unemployment that currently exists.

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