Senator Baucus: Is Public Option Health Insurance Getting New “Health”?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Government Set Health Insurance Regains Steam In Washington

A plan to make a government controlled health insurance policy is getting serious consideration in the US senate. Just months earlier talks of this type of health insurance plan all but died out in Washington. But now, this is considered a hot topic among democratic leaders. A strong proponent of the plan, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus was recently quoted as saying “This issue is alive, and we’re looking at it.” Senator Baucus of Montana is one of several democrats pushing the senate to pass a bill creating some variation of government run health insurance.

Many democratic senators are fighting for a nationwide plan similar to the current Medicare insurance plan, but this proposal seems unlikely to come to fruition. However, there are many other types of national insurance plans being discussed. Among the variations, one plan would set up a federal insurance plan and allow states to choose whether or not to participate. Another proposal would only set up a government plan if other planned reforms fail to expand health insurance coverage.

Obama A Supporter Of Public Health Insurance

Although President Barack Obama has said that he is open to various ideas for reform, he has made it clear that he supports a public health insurance plan. Further, President Obama has pointed out that this type of plan will ignite competition within the health insurance industry. It is believed that an increase in competition will help drive down insurance premiums.

Plan Gets Opposition From Right Wing Politicians

Several conservative politicians are proving to be strongly opposed to a government-set insurance plan. One major argument among opponents is that government interference will give Washington too much control over health insurance, and will do little to decrease insurance prices.

Increased attention towards a national plan has come on the heels of recent outcries by private insurance companies. Private insurers are attacking a Finance Committee bill embracing cooperatives. Insurers are worried that this bill will force them to take on high numbers of unprofitable customers. Also, the Congressional Budget Office has come to the conclusion that these proposed cooperatives will be largely ineffective.

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