What Does A Non-network Health Insurance Plan Do And Mean?

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What Is A Network

If you sign up for an HMO or a PPO health insurance plan then you are required to choose your physicians from a list of “network” doctors. This list of doctors is approved by your insurance company. If you choose a doctor outside of this network, then your insurance company will not pay for the cost of seeing another doctor or the services the doctor performs. These doctors and services are “non-network”.

Any kind of medical care outside the network of health providers set up by your HMO or PPO are considered non-network. Because most networks try to include the common kinds of providers, including family-care physicians, ob/gyns, and pediatricians, there might not be a huge selection of specialists to choose from.

Seeing Non-network Doctors

Depending on what kind of insurance you have, you will be expected to pay all or at least part of the bill for a non-network physician or for non-network services. If you have an HMO you can expect to pay the entire bill. A PPO has a more complicated pay scale for non-network services. Depending on your PPO you may have to pay all or most of the bill for non-network services. Even if your in-network physician refers you to an out-of-network doctor, you will still be responsible for the cost of the visit and any other services prescribed by the non-network physician.

What Is Non-Network Insurance

Some insurance providers will offer an additional insurance policy that covers the partial cost for non-network providers and services. This type of insurance is not necessary unless you know you will be seeing a lot of specialists out of your current network. If you have a genetic disease that requires special treatment or plan on seeing several specialists for second opinions then non-network insurance may be the way to go. Medical costs can easily break any budget you have and non-network insurance may be an option for you.

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