What Does Long Term Care Insurance For Health Care Mean?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Long-term care (LTC) insurance offers consumer’s care in situations of chronic illness or disabilities. Policies for long-term health insurance provide insurance coverage for those times when individuals can’t independently manage the important activities of daily living. These are commonly known as feeding, dressing, bathing and walking, also,  transferring yourself from one place to another is known as one of the activities of daily living, typically from a bed to a chair. However, disabilities are not limited to these mentioned physical situations; they can be mental situations as well. The key element is that these activities will limit the individual’s ability to perform any of these normal functions.

The Purpose Of Long Term Health Care

The purpose of LTC insurance is to provide coverage for a series of care giving services for the disabled, elderly, the seriously injured and/or the chronically ill. This long-term health care may be provided in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities (SNF), a mental hospital, in an individual’s home under the care of a registered nurse (RN), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), or a nurse’s aid and/or in an assisted living facility (ALF).

Understanding the financial risks of illnesses and injuries are hardly ever considered when one is healthy and able to perform mundane activities and functions, but that is also when the best choice of products with the optimum flexibility in cost of premiums is available for those considering long-term health care (LTC) insurance. Having a LTC insurance policy allows access to quality care and choice of care providers when the need is utmost imperative. If you purchasing a long-term health insurance policy when you do not need it, it gives you the opportunity to study and understand the insurance company’s financial stability, insurance industry rating, its claim ration and its operating performance.

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