What Does Public Option Health Insurance Coverage Mean?

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Public Option Health Insurance

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about the current attempts at health care reform. The debate has become heated in recent weeks with the battle lines clearly drawn. With over 40 million Americans without health insurance and the rapidly rising health care costs everyone in Washington is scrambling to present their health care reform ideas.

Many Americans don’t understand the public health option proposed to reform health care. Simply, it is a health insurance option sponsored by the government. The government would offer plans similar to what the private insurance companies offer now.

How It Works

While the plan keeps changing, the basic idea would be to have all of the normal health insurance options available through the government health option including; HMOs and PPOs. It would also include a Health Insurance Exchange Option that would have a tier system for those with low or no income. The public health option would initially have a similar payment tier as Medicare does now and would gradually shift to a cheaper payment plan.

What It Means For Healthcare In America

There is such a strong debate over letting the government get involved in health care or keep the status quot, that many Americans are left wondering how it would affect their current health care. For the 40 million Americans without health care it would mean affordable and reliable health coverage for their medical needs. Reforming health care is a very scary and risky venture but it has become necessary.

The soaring cost of hospital admissions and health care in general has led many on a fixed income to ration medication and ignore symptoms in favor of “ridng them out.”  The opponents of the public option health care plan see a bleak future for American health care if a public option bill is passed. The proponents see a bright future for health care with the government’s involvement. Either way the American people will be affected by inaction. Health care costs will continue to rise and the number of uninsured Americans will increase also.

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