What Health Insurance Do Senators And Other Congress People Have?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

Federal Employees Health Care Plan

All federal employees, including senators and congressmen and women, are eligible for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. This program is available to all federal employees including US Postal Service employees. This program is run much like a program at any other employer but much more complicated. Each plan varies from state to state.

So the senator from Delaware will have different options than the senator from Illinois. Then, to complicate matters further, there are different plans offered regionally. The plans available in the northern part of the state may be different from the plans in the southern part of the state. The Senators choose their plans based on where their primary residence is. All government employees have the option to decline health coverage. The premiums vary from plan to plan and state to state. For example, the HMO plan available to northern Alabama federal employees has a single premium of $151 bi-weekly compared to $123 premium for southern Alabama.

Most Widely Used Plan

One of the most widely used of the Federal health plans is actually provided by the American Postal Workers Union. This plan is available to all federal employees, not just postal workers, but they must become a member of the Postal Workers Union in order to be eligible. There are several other plans, HMOs, PPOs and a High-Deductible plan. Under the high-deductible plan a smaller monthly premium is paid but there is a higher out-of-pocket cost. This plan would be ideal for a healthy person who only sees their physician for routine checkups.

Also available to all federal employees are a vision plan, several dental plans, life insurance and a long-term care option. There are several options available under the vision and dental programs as well as the life insurance and the long-term care insurance. With all of these options available to senators it is clear that Federal employees have better health insurance than most American citizens.

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