What Is A Pre-admission Certificate For Cheap Health Insurance?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Quite a few companies that offer cheap health insurance require policyholders to obtain a pre-admission certificate, also known as pre-certification authorization, before being admitted to a hospital for non-life-threatening services or other particular inpatient or outpatient needs.

Why Is This Necessary?

The chief reason why this is required is to make sure the medical services to be performed are necessary as well as with in-line for the services eligible. The pre-admission certification analysis by your insurance company will arrive at a determination concerning how appropriate the proposed medical procedure is for your particular situation. Once this determination has been granted, your insurance company will send an authorization letter to the hospital you plan to use as well as whatever attending physicians will be conducting the procedure. The letter will outline the extensive coverage and what the insurance company feels as being the appropriate level of service that is necessary to meet this particular medical need. Your insurance company will continue to monitor your progress once you have been granted mission to the medical facility of chosen for this procedure. The golfer this process is to make sure that individual policyholders are never exposed to health care services that are not necessary. This is important aspect for policy issuance in order to keep insurance premiums as low as possible maintaining cheap health insurance.

What Happens If a Pre-admission Certification Is Not Requested?

In the event that a policyholder fails to obtain a pre-admission certification, this individual may be held liable for all charges incurred when proceeding to be admitted to a medical facility and to have a medical procedure performed. A pre-admission certification will also help define coverage limits.

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