What Is A State Children’s Health Insurance Plan?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

With the raging health care debate in Washington capturing America’s attention many people aren’t aware of the state funded health care programs for kids that are already available. While there is no national children’s health care system, many states have instituted health insurance coverage for children. These programs are a great example of how a state funded or nationally funded health care system would work. Through the federally funded CHIP program states receive money to help support their health insurance programs for children.

States Where It’s Available

The federal government offers financial assistance to states that have a health program for children without health insurance. This isĀ funded through a federal program called CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program. The goal is to insure children whose family income is too high for Medicaid but too low to afford health insurance. In Illinois the program is called All Kids and in California the program is called California Healthy Families. As of 2009, all 50 states offer some kind of health program for children.

Some states have more extensive coverage than others but all CHIP funded programs provided some sort of reduced-priced health care coverage for families with children.

How To Access It

You can start by contacting your state’s Health and Human Services Department to find out if your children are eligible for coverage under the CHIP program. Since the goal is to provide health care coverage to all children, they try their best to meet the financial needs of the participants. There is usually only one type of plan offered, much like Medicaid, and it is subject to restrictions. The Department of Health and Human Services offers a search for CHIP programs providersĀ in your state. They are also running a campaign called Insure Kids Now to make the public aware of the programs available for children.

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