What Is Single-Payer Health Insurance?

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Forming A Government Run Healthcare System

Single-payer health insurance is a universal healthcare plan that is run by a country’s government. Everyone in that country pays for the insurance through taxes and doctors in every area then provide all medical care. Rather than bill patients, doctors receive their payment from the government.

How Single-Payer Health Insurance Works

With single-payer health insurance, you go to any doctor you want. It may take longer to get an appointment, but for most doctors’ visits, this isn’t a big issue. You receive quality healthcare and any necessary tests. At the end of your visit, you simply walk out. You do not need to submit a payment; the government will pay the bill for you.

Single-payer health insurance pays for everything you would need. This includes:

  • Primary care
  • Disease prevention (vaccinations)
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency care
  • Long-term hospitalization
  • Mental health
  • Dental services
  • Eye exams

Benefits to single-payer systems are the ability to see any doctor you choose. You are not longer restricted to a certain network. It also opens the world of health insurance to those who cannot afford it. Every man, woman and child would have access to medical care. The infant mortality rate would decrease because pregnant women would receive free care during their pregnancy and be able to have a hospital birth without fearing huge medical bills.

Medicare Is A Single-Payer System

When you earn an income, a percentage of your taxes go towards the Medicare system for the disabled and elderly. Medicare follows the guidelines of a single-payer system. The problem is everyone pays for it but only the disabled and elderly use it. If you spend decades paying into it and then die before you become eligible for Medicare, you’ll never gain anything from it.

Plans To Form A Single-Payer System

President Obama wants to establish a single-payer health insurance system to make sure every person in the United States has health insurance. While taxes will help raise the necessary funding, there is also discussion regarding misuse of testing in medical practices. He wants to stop doctors from ordering the same repeated test. For example, if you break your arm and go to your own doctor for an x-ray that same x-ray would then be sent to the hospital where you go for a cast rather than having them order a second x-ray. Duplication of tests is driving up medical costs; President Obama wants that ended.

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