Will Fed.Government’s Proposed Mandatory Health Insurance Work?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

Understanding Health Reform

The Government’s proposed mandatory health insurance has been the headline of most news media and on most American’s minds these past months. But, there have been many reports, studies and surveys that show Americans will most likely “not comply” with the mandate of health insurance as reported by the Insurance Research Council.

Most Americans are concerned about how the government office will enforce such a mandate as “regulation is only as good as enforcement.” Also reported in the recent studies of the Insurance Research Council is that some people are “simply irresponsible and look to others to buy their insurance.”

With the government proposed order of making it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance, many wonder about the affordability for the insurance. As the nation’s unemployment rate rises, more and more people will drop those expenses necessary to “make ends meet.”

However, under the proposed health reform, those Americans who refuse to purchase health insurance could face monetary penalties. The fines speculated in the health reform bill currently being reviewed by Congress could reach $1,000 for offenders. The Congressional Budget Office has reported that these fines to offenders caught without health insurance could raise billions in dollars over a ten-year period.

What Will Be Considered Mandatory

The Federal Government’s proposed mandatory health insurance will mean mandatory vaccinations/immunizations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for anyone who refuses to keep up-to-date vaccinations, under the new health reform, you will not be able to obtain any health care you may need until immunizations are current.

It was also reported that the new health care reform bill was submitted with a provision that those doctors and hospitals who are not “meaningful users” of the new reform system will also be faced with fines and penalties. As well as the Secretary of Health and Human Services will be “permitted to impose more stringent measures of meaningful use over time.”

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  1. Lou says:

    “We must stop mandatory health insurance. Obama lied. he said that he was against it.
    No he will fine me put me in jail and if I resist arrest , shoot me.”

    Not if 10s of millions of us shoot back.

    To do that we need guns. Look for a “guns bill” to come up after they legalize the illegals.

  2. Mark says:

    I am standing with you brother.

  3. Marie says:

    Rebekah — I agree with you totally. I have
    believed for many yrs now that it’s the ALIENS
    at the very top of our government who are
    controlling everything here on this planet. They are inherently evil and want to keep the
    human race DOWN. They want to totally control
    us, make us sick, make us weak, make us slaves,
    and take away our freedoms. THEY are at the top
    and control. I believe “they” have infiltrated
    our government and the humans at the top are
    going along with it cuz they have no choice!!
    And i don’t mean mexican aliens….i mean the
    ones either from outer space or from Inner
    space…. DOWN WITH ALIENS !!!

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