Will Health Insurance Reform Be Senate Majority Leader Reid’s Demise?

By Robert Fredricks Posted in Health Insurance News

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Pushes for Health Care Reform

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is fighting hard in Washington to begin legislation on health care reform. The Nevada senator is strongly advocating a reform plan that is known as the “Public Option.” If passed, this legislation will set up a government controlled health insurance plan. Although President Barack Obama had openly endorsed this option, it is still considered the most controversial proposed health insurance reform plan. Senator Reid’s strong push for a relatively unpopular reform plan could hurt his standings in the upcoming election.

Senator Reid Finds Himself Trailing Two GOP Candidates In Nevada Polls

According to a recent election poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, Senator Reid is currently third in the running for Nevada’s next election. He is trailing behind candidates Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden, both of who are running under the Republican Party. Reid’s lagging behind in the polls leads many to believe that like his predecessor Tom Daschle, he too will fail to be re-elected.

Robert Uithoven, campaign spokesman for GOP candidate Sue Lowden, recently told news outlets, “I think Sen. Reid is very vulnerable in pushing an unpopular government takeover of our health system and clearly people in Nevada aren’t happy about it.”

A majority 52 percent of Nevada’s voting population is currently opposed to the “Public Option” reform plan endorsed by President Obama and Senator Reid. Many experts also feel that the overall political environment in Nevada is highly inauspicious towards left wing politicians. These factors along with a decaying Nevada economy could seriously hurt Senator Reid’s re-election chances.

Political Scientist Feels Reid’s Re-election Chances Are Good

Reid may not have as much trouble being re-elected as is apparent argues David Damore. Damore is a respected political scientist at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Damore assures that although Reid may not receive upwards of 60 percent of Nevada’s votes, his history has shown that he can still beat out his political opponents. An unfavorable governor and personal issues that have recently come to light with Nevada’s other current senator are factors helping Senator Reid’s campaign.

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