Will Pelosi Be Successful With Government-Run Health Insurance Plan?

By Cathy Wilson Posted in Health Insurance News

Pelosi Strong Advocate For Government-Run Health Insurance

According to recent reports, the House Speaker is “standing to her ground” on the requirement of a government-run health plan. Pelosi told reporters in Washington that the health-care legislation that is being considered by her chamber would actually decrease the US budget deficit over the next 20 years.

Pelosi has remained an advocate of the government-run health insurance plan that will compete with those private insurance companies. While other White House officials have said the government-run option is “not the defining piece of health care.”

The Washington Post-ABC News poll of 10,004 adults reported that Pelosi’s view on the government-run plan has gained some support as Americans are now supporting the call for a public option plan. The survey reported  “57 percent of respondents (to the survey) prefer some form of government-run health insurance plan for those Americans who can’t afford their own coverage.

Also reported was that Pelosi is “looking favorably on variations of a public-option plan a Medicare plus 5 percent reimbursement for those providers of the insurance.” She states that the House is “committed to passing a public option and that she will go to the negotiation table with the public option.”

Will Pelosi See Her Public Option Become Law

As previously printed, according to the preliminary numbers, Pelosi seeks a public option that will cost billions of dollars to American taxpayers over the next ten years, but will cover an estimated 96 percent of those American who qualify for insurance but can not afford to purchase their own health insurance.

The House Speaker has left open the possibility/probability that the need for an updated/revised version of the current proposed public option bill will be needed in order to be passed in the House-Senate with the majority of the votes needed. Pelosi was still awaiting the final projections of the votes.

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