How Will Smoking Affect My Buying A Life Insurance Policy?

By Lisa Olsen Posted in Life Insurance News

Life insurance rates are determined by risk. The providing company doesn’t want you to die early because it means they will earn less on this investment (i.e. you will no longer pay monthly premiums). Thus, the healthier you are, the more money you will give the company before you pass away. Smoking is something that insurance companies deem to be a high risk behavior. After all, it’s been linked to a number of health issues: everything heart disease to emphysema. If you smoke, then this could definitely affect whether or not you can buy a life insurance policy as well as the rates of offered plans.

Amount Of Time

One of the key factors to this decision is not just that you smoke but how often you smoke and when you started. If you are a casual smoker, this is different than if you smoke a pack a cigarettes every single day. The company may take this into account. To determine what your rate will be, you will most likely have to be checked out by an outside physician. During this examination, the medical professional can check your lungs and confirm this assessment.

Efforts To Quit

If you show a life insurance provider that you are trying to quit, they will be more receptive to granting you a life insurance policy. This means that you will need to explain how you are trying to quit and demonstrate that you are otherwise in great health. Keep detailed records about the methods you are trying and whether or not you have had any success. It will help if you can bring your doctor on board for this process.

Smoking is something that does negatively affect a person’s life. Insurance companies want you to stick around for as long as possible. If you want a stellar insurance plan, then it pays to cut back or quit smoking as soon as possible.

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