Who Offers The Best Life Insurance Policy Without A Physical?

By Lisa Olsen Posted in Life Insurance News

It is important for you to know that if you are looking for a life insurance company who will underwrite your policy without the requirement of a physical exam, your premium will more than likely cost more than those life insurance companies that does require you to take a physical exam.

And, the amount of coverage available for no physical life insurance is usually limited to $500,000. You can, too, compare rates with quotes for these types of life insurance policies online as with receiving quotes with standard life insurance quotes.

Top Recommended Life Insurance Companies That Do Not Require An Exam

According to recent surveys there are those life insurance companies who come recommended, such as an American Life Policy. The American Life Policy company offers low-cost term life insurance without the requirement of a physical exam.

Another top recommended life insurance company that offers life insurance without the requirement of a physical medical exam is RRBC Express Term. This company also offers potential policyholders term life insurance as well without the requirement of a medical exam.

Global Life Insurance is a bit different, in that, it offers people/consumers who are age 78 and under up to $30,000.00 of term life insurance, and it does not require its policyholders to take a physical exam.

Although not having to meet the requirement of a medical exam could be the reason you elect a specific life insurance company, price is not the only benefit to consider when choosing the company in which to purchase your life insurance. Some of the mentioned companies will access the “risk” of not requiring a medical exam to the premium costs.

These companies have researched the statistics to show what the actual risks are as compared to the type of policy being purchased and/or the age of the policyholder.

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